Terms and conditions

Please Read the Following Terms and conditions carefully.

  1. Fees paid are not refundable under any circumstances including change of residence, discontinuing studies etc. Also, fees once paid will not be transferred to any other candidate and it is valid for 2 years from the date of enrolment with House of Financial Planners.
  2. A candidate is required to furnish proper details like name, email address, contact number, address, parent details, and education qualification. Any changes in the details need to be informed to your respective admin from time to time in order to receive timely updates about the Course
  3. House of Financial Planners reserves the right to modify a program due to a change of regulations, low attendance, or any other unforeseen circumstances.  The timetable for various batches is only indicative & not conclusive. It can change in terms of date, and timing. The Candidate is advised to check their Email and WhatsApp group from time to time for any notification from House of Financial planners. 
  4. Students won’t be allowed to change batches without the permission of the concerned authority.
  5. On paying the requisite fees, Hose of Financial Planners (HOFP) will send an email confirming your admission to the course offered by House of Financial Planners. Kindly note that admission to the Course is subject to the clearance of all cheques, failing which the admission of the Candidate will be cancelled with immediate effect.
  6. The Candidate agrees to attend the scheduled lecture from time to time & maintain decorum & professionalism in the class. Any act disturbing the atmosphere of the class would lead to disciplinary actions which may lead to termination of admission without any repayment of fees.
  7. Students damaging the property of the institute shall be held responsible for replacing it or paying the cost of the same
  8. Fees paid to House of Financial Planners include training charges only. It does not include Board Registration, Annual subscription payment Examination Fees.
  9. In addition to House of Financial Planners fees, students are supposed to bear all the statutory body fees such as registration, examination, membership, etc.
  10. For candidates falling under the student’s category; House of Financial Planners will provide all support with respect to getting an Exemption Subject & Discount payment (If any)
  11. Student data will be handled in compliance with applicable privacy laws.
  12. The institution’s privacy policy details the handling, use, and protection of personal data.
  13. The House of Financial Planners’ liability in various scenarios, such as personal injury on-premises or loss of student property, is limited.
  14. These terms and conditions are subject to change, with notice provided to students.
  15. The terms and conditions governing any agreements with third-party EMI platforms, such as Liquiloans, are independent of the House of Financial Planners. We are not responsible for any aspects of these third-party services. Users are advised to review the respective terms and conditions of such platforms.
  16.  In the event a student is unable to attend a live lecture, a maximum of five recorded sessions will be provided as a courtesy. This is subject to availability and technical feasibility.
  17. House of Financial Planners reserves the right to modify the fee structure at any time. Any changes will be communicated accordingly, and continued enrollment in our courses post-fee change indicates acceptance of the new fee structure.
  18. In case of unforeseen events such as pandemics (e.g., COVID-19), natural disasters (e.g., earthquakes), or other situations beyond our control, the House of Financial Planners is not liable for any inability to conduct classes or provide services. In such scenarios, no refund or compensation will be provided.
  19. House of Financial Planners may introduce promotional offers at any time and reserves the right to modify, extend, or withdraw these offers at its discretion without prior notice.
  20. All content provided by House of Financial Planners, including course materials, videos, and lectures, is the exclusive property of the institution. Recording of live lectures by students is strictly prohibited. Any content shared on social media platforms by House of Financial Planners is proprietary, and discussing or reproducing this content without explicit consent from House of Financial Planners is not allowed.  

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