Up your game into the
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pathways in just 75 minutes of live workshops!

Are you at the crossroads of your education and pondering your next big step? Dive into our exclusive workshop tailored for graduates and postgraduates ready to soar! Here's a sneak peek at what's in store:

Instructed by Apurva Singhi
  • 1. 75+ minutes of live workshop

  • 2. Uncover the latest insights into the world of financial careers

  • 3. Get the deepest insights of your favorite financial certificate

  • 4. Guidance on Building a Strong Financial Careers

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People we’ve trained on the subject of personal finance

Who is this workshop for?

  • 1. Anyone who has cleared 12th and is above 18 (Students)
  • 2. Currently pursuing undergraduate in any stream (Undergraduate)
  • 3. Currently pursuing postgraduate in any stream (Postgraduate)
  • 4. Planning to move out of the country for further studies (Expatriates)
  • 5. Planning to settle abroad as a working professional (Emigrants)
  • 6. Non-financial background holder wanting to work in the finance domain (Career-Changers)
  • 7. A non-finance professional aspiring to work in the finance domain. (Aspirants)
  • 8. Finance Product distributor. (Distributors)

What will you learn in this workshop?

1. How should you decide on your career?
  • Selecting your career
  • Using Maslow's theory to figure out what to expect from a career
  • Figure out using one of the most popular techniques to choose from a career
2. Popular Professional Program
  • Know briefly about the course content, eligibility, advantages, challenges & career paths, Fees, Tenure & Value
  • Know more about the subjects you will be facing while doing the certification
  • Is that course for you?
3. CFP Program
  • Why is CFP's no 1 choice when it comes to a personal finance career?
  • Can anyone CFP program? Yes. Know more
  • Gain in-depth insights on how CFP can land you a job in some of the most rewarding jobs
4. Career shift from other fields to finance
  • Careers that allow a smooth transition
  • The journey from job to entrepreneurship
  • Skill development for Financial Leadership

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By the end of the course, you’ll have a clear roadmap on how to

  • 1. Choose which certification is for you
  • 2. What will be your desired career?
  • 3. What options do you have as an undergraduate?
  • 4. What options do you have as a postgraduate?
  • 5. If you are a working professional how you can elevate your professional life?
  • 6. Navigating Career Transitions in Finance

Meet your Trainer

Apurva Singhi


I’m Apurva Singhi, your guide on this financial journey. As a Certified Financial Planner recognized by FPSB and the founder of House of Financial Planners, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience.

My educational background includes an MBA from IBS Hyderabad, one of India’s top business schools. I’ve furthered my expertise with an EPAT degree from QuantInsti, delving into the quantitative, algorithmic, and artificial intelligence aspects of financial management. Additionally, I’ve completed CFA Level 1, solidifying my financial expertise.

In 2023, I stepped into the role of an educator, training over 1000 individuals in personal finance.

Beyond academia, I’m passionate about exploring history, spirituality, and the latest in technology, especially AI.

What you’ll get….

Learn from experts:

who are already at the bleeding edge of the personal finance sector.

Live workshop:

to the 75 minutes of content curated by experts in finance

Career move :-

Clarity towards taking your career move.


Got questions about Workshop? Visit our FAQ page for quick answers on workshop details, enrollment, schedules, and more at House of Financial Planners, Ahmedabad. Your financial education journey starts here!

Up your game into the top professional career pathways in just 75 minutes of live workshops!

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